so, i’ve gotten back into writing poetry again. i’ll add more as i write more, but these are mostly from 2020 and on, some are from the archives which i’ve edited. i used to write poetry regularly in high school and college as a way to channel my feelings and i’ve gone back and forth with sharing it over the years, but it’s absolutely something i need to do to survive. please judge harshly. some smut, mostly reality.

+ collider

+ halves

+ digital bath salts

+ see/say/something

+ fifteen

+ red bank

+ make like a tree & fuck off

+ easton

+ odyssey

+ bang it out

+ nuclear winter

+ these days

+ if it ain’t broke

+ boomerang

+ the Mile, redux

+ haunted

+ all candy

+ the shape

+ adieu

+ highly illogical

+ what remains

+ the comedown

+ energy

+ the way–

+ knew it was a snake

+ ellen grove

+ not yet

+ a series of mom issues #1

+ girls on film

+ the good // the bad