i used to love the way you said
my name, softly with a smile and then
intensely. now you won’t
say a word and i burn for you—
your lewd, often sweet voice over
the phone and
your growling. gripping me in
your arms and not letting go as
you ruin me, wantonly staring me
down like the barrel
of a shotgun— execution style
out back at the woodshed. guttural
groans as you explode, loosening
your grip on my neck with each hot
pulse. my eyes roll back as you
deliver your final pumps, me clenching
all around you in ecstasy, needing you
deeper still. clawing at
your back as you devour me and
nothing else mattered. seal it
with a kiss.

take me back i am begging you
to that bed, to that man.

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