In which I Eat My Hat: Ghostbusters was OK!

You may remember my adverse reaction to the Ghostbusters Trailer from March. Turns out it was simply a shite trailer, and not a shite movie; I stand corrected.


cardigan status.

Ghostbusters is not a perfect movie, but it’s a very fun movie. Totally enjoyable. I went in ambivalent at best and came out of the theater completely charmed. Paul Feig is still not my favourite, but the humour in this movie was mostly spot on. The trailer was worrisome with that grating SNL-style “THAT’S THE JOKE” nonsense, but the movie had very little of it in reality! Praise be.

With the exception of Kate McKinnon being dialled up to 11 in every damn scene, this reboot channels an updated version of the witty quick humour of the 1984 original. And when McKinnon was being a character as opposed to a caricature, I thought she was great.

There’s been a deluge of very polarising reviews for this movie, but at its core I feel that it’s worth seeing at the very least.. plus, plenty of neckbeard tears going around giving the positive reviews lifeblood. There has been a near-absurd level of praise, coupled with burning it to the ground. Y’all gotta calm down.

At the center of everything, it’s a decent comedy with fun science fiction and fantasy elements. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig play off one another incredibly well, and Leslie Jones is an excellent addition to the cast. As an ensemble piece, it all flows really well. I believed them as characters, and I believed them as a team.

This still isn’t a movie that I needed per se, but there are plenty of women who will get something really positive out of seeing lady scientists science-ing the shit out of the supernatural while being covered in goo, and that’s really great. The world is changing in terms of representation, and Ghostbusters is another example of the ever-morphing zeitgeist. Not bad!

The term “bustin’ makes me feel good” is still wildly upsetting, though. N O P E.

In other news, I am off to San Diego Comic Con – it’s time to leaf through 1970s comics and porno mags, spot celebrities, and witness panic-stricken dudes hauling gigantic bags of toys out of the convention center. Til next time!